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The European "meta cluster" of cultural and creative SMEs

The agreement between the euroclusters Friend CCI and Creathriv-EU aims to bring together the main EU public and private actors in the sector

EU CCIs Meta-Cluster the European meta cluster of cultural and creative enterprises is born. In fact, the cooperation agreement between the two Euroclusters FRIEND CCI and CREATHRIV-EU dedicated to the cultural and creative sectors has been signed. These clusters group together the strategic and transversal public and private sectors of creative innovation and culture such as cultural heritage, design, media, literature, music, theatre, gaming, restoration, and represent 6.7 % of the European GDP.

The agreement involves 9 European countries such as Italy (lead partner), France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Belgium and will soon expand to other countries. The two Euroclusters, created thanks to funding from the Commission and in particular from the EISMEA agency, have already been operating for more than a year, financing more than 300 enterprises for the development of innovative projects and collaboration between cultural and creative sectors and 'traditional' manufacturing sectors, for supply chain, product or technology innovation.

"This cooperation agreement represents an important step towards the realisation of the Commission's ambitions to create a Pan-European network of clusters and is indicative of a support mechanism - represented by the new European initiative 'Euroclusters' - that works and achieves its policy objectives." Says Valentino Izzo,  Programme Coordination Manager of Eismea

"EU CCIs Meta-Cluster represents a great potential to create strategies and opportunities to develop the skills, services and economically productive sectors driving innovation and beauty and culture in Europe, which are also useful for other production and manufacturing sectors," says Sergio Calò, Project Manager of Friend CCI and Director of Venetian Cluster.

"This initiative brings together the experiences of 10 clusters and connects a myriad of actors in the European Cultural and Creative Industries ecosystem. SMEs will benefit from a wide support network to face the challenges of the green and digital transition and become major players in the global market."  Says Giovanni Scaramuzzo project manager of CREATHRIV-EU for Basilicata Creativa.

"This initiative is part of the EU's policies in favour of micro, small and medium enterprises and the involvement of territories at local level; a great result that brings European funding and policies closer to citizens and businesses," says Gian Angelo Bellati, President of Venetian Cluster Lead Partner of Friend CCI.

The establishment of EU CCIs Meta-Cluster is therefore a first step to connect the main European public and private actors of the sectors in order to grow international and interregional collaboration and create a hub of ideas, skills and applied innovation for new projects and services.

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The European "meta cluster" of cultural and creative SMEs

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